India Gig Alert


Requirements: India Gig Alert was formed as a social media group (Facebook page and Twitter) at a social media seminar. It was a strong concept (none like that existed for the Indian audience) and very soon it gre to 5000+ fans. This was the right time that it could no longer suffice as a social media page but needed to be more interactive. THCnow sat down with the founder of IGA to come up with a portal that suffices the needs of the target audience of the website.
Consultation: THCnow provided a precise online plan for India Gig Alert

  1.  Identifying the key Target Audience of the service based on Age, Surfing Habit, Visual Habit, Time most spent on the web, Search parameters used and Social media psychology.
  2.  The design and layout of the website
  3. The sections / services for the web service
  4. Keywords for the website
  5. Social Media Strategy for the website.

THCnow also developed the web portal for India Gig Alert.

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