Graphic Narratives

Graphic Narratives is an online portal and community dedicated solely towards graphic novels and comics.

Requirements: Graphic Narratives wanted to identify the core target group which are interested in comics and other related activities. They also wished to provide a platform for individuals and other studios to showcase their creative works and create a buzz for upcoming releases..

Consultation: THCnow provided a variety of online as well as offline solutions to Graphic Narratives.

  1. Various aspects where taken into consideration, such as the platform and technology on which the project needs to be implemented.Coming up with a web portal which is interactive and takes the level of communication to a whole new level.
  2. A suitable logo was created for Graphic Narratives.
  3. A tagline that embodies the company ideology was also created.
  4. Design flow of the website was also created.
  5. A complete content presentation strategy was created.
  6. Internal Social networking platform within the website.
  7. Understanding what the target audience wanted
  8. Marketing strategy to gain more members

 THCnow was also responsible for the development of the web portal for Graphic Narratives.

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