Aditi Gupte Studios is a Design & Architecture Firm with Aditi Gupte as its Principal Architect, based out of Mumbai.

Chromatography World offers various Chromatography products and Instruments to various sectors all over India.

Powermech is India’s leading Technical Facility Services Provider, providing the full spectrum of facility services to numerous major developers in India.

Vestern Vivian is a leading diamond manufacturer and retailer in Mumbai.

DJ 8o8 is a professional DJ known globally for his unique mixes and unique presentation style.

Surevin is a premiere Financial Planning & Wealth Management Company based out of Mumbai.

Zonal Technology Management and Business Planning & Development (BPD) unit at CIRCOT is a Govt. of India undertaking to promote business endeavors in India among young entrepreneurs.

Morya Homes is an infrastructure and re-development oriented construction company based out of Mumbai.

De Nitish Pires Band was made for Nitish Pires (singer-songwriter-musician).