Hosting & Email  


The world of domain registrations, web hosts and email hosts can be challenging with countless service providers providing countless options. This is where we help you out. We understand your requirements and combine your need with our technical expertise to help narrow down the right solutions and the right providers for you.

THCnow Consulting Services : Hosting & Email

Types of hosting we deal with

Shared: Multiple hosting accounts hosted on one hard drive on a Computing Unit, this is for websites which have less then 50 users at a time accessing a website and there is no sensitive data on the website, typically for portfolio websites or for small organizations who wish to save on hosting costs for their custom application.

Virtual Private Servers: Multiple accounts on one Computing Unit but dedicated hardware power to each account and virtual separation of data on each account. This package is ideal for small to medium ecommerce websites and web application that have upto 2 to 3 thousand users accessing at a time

Dedicated Servers: Single account on a Computing Unit, with total hardware dedicated to that account, ideal for speed, security and scalability.