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THCnow Consulting Services : User Experience Design

At THCnow we include these concepts to provide you with a complete UXD solution covering:

THCnow Consulting Services : User Experience DesignVisual Design: The visual interface that the user will see, the front end of the website as it is called.

InformatioTHCnow Consulting Services : User Experience Designn Architecture (Information, Structuring, Organization and Labelling, Finding and Managing): Any application deals with data, that data how is it stored, organized, search and displayed forms the information architecture. For the application to be efficient at managing huge amounts of data and yet be quick on processing and light on resources it is important that the information structure is robust and logically sound.

THCnow Consulting Services : User Experience DesignInteraction Design: It deals with how it can enable a pleasurable end user experience. It is well recognized that building great user experience requires interaction design to play a pivotal role in helping define what works best for the users.

THCnow Consulting Services : User Experience DesignUsability: Usability is the extent to which a product can be used by specified users to achieve specified goals with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in a specified context of use

THCnow Consulting Services : User Experience DesignHuman Computer Interaction: Human-Computer Interaction is the main contributor to user experience design because of its emphasis on human performance rather than mere usability. It provides key research findings which inform the improvement of systems for the people.